How It’s Gotta Be - TWD 2018

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How It’s Gotta Be - TWD 2018

Inspired by The Walking Dead season 8

Full Collection $50.00 during preorder $55.00 after.

Heroic Death was inspired by Shiva. This is a tan jelly polish with blue and gold shimmer. $8.00 during preorder, $9.00 after.

Final Farewell was inspired by Carl and is a taupe holographic with red shimmer and hints of green to copper faux unicorn pee. $10.00 during preorder, $11.00 after.

Sole Survivor was inspired by Jadis and is a pale grey holographic crelly with rainbow micro flakies. $10.00 during preorder, $11.00 after.

Walker Horde was inspired by a hoard of walkers and is a magnetic polish with red to green to purple multichrome pull in a brown jelly base. $9.00 during preorder, $10.00 after.

Simon’s Betrayal was inspired by Simon and is an ink blue crelly with red to orange to yellow shifting shimmer flakes. $8.00 during preorder, $9.00 after.

Final Battle was inspired by Rick and Negan’s finial fight and is a charcoal grey crelly with red to purple faux unicorn pee. $10.00 during preorder, $11.00 after.

Preorder runs from 10/12 through 10/21.

Shipping will begin during preorder however the official TAT will begin 10/22. Our current TAT is 3 - 10 business days.